Description of the Business:

Founded in 1967 by Romolo Mazza, Pasticceria Romolo is located in the center of Salerno, in Corso Garibaldi. The patisserie is a family business which, aithough rooted in tradition, was able to become a dynamic company able to modemize its products and Service. The generational cnange in the management of the business, from father Romolo to son Remo, has brought improvements to production in order to meet new consumer needs and overcome the crisis of nonindustriai patisserie, marked by the rising costs of manufacture.

Product innovation

Pasticceria Romolo has modemized its products according to its past experiences. Following innovations in the fìeid of choc date, Remo has dedicated himself to the production of modem cakes. Thus the binh of the Black Venus cake: cocoa ladyfingers, hazelnut praline puff pastry. chocolate mousse (70% Venezuelan cocca), I.G.P hazelnut praline custard, chocolate ieing. White Venus: cocca ladyfingers. almond biscuit, Brazilian dark chocolate custard. aìmond and white chocolate custard. white chocolate ieing. 
Nocciolotta: hazelnut biscuit, hazelnut praline puff pastry. hazelnut custard, ladyfingers, white chocolate custard. mousse with Giffoni I.G.P hazelnut praline.
Azteca: tnree chocolate enclosed in a creamy Bavarois with chocolate ladyfingers and c-rispy wafer layers.
Over the paiìssene has always kepi up with the times, with a special eye on deccraiicns. meeting the new consumer rieeds regarding cake design.

The Business performance achievements

Pasticceria Romolo’s innovations bave had a strong impact as regards its position among competitors, also artracting a new, vounger customer segment. the under-30s. particularly fascinated by chocolate